As we’ve seen the Cambrian explosion of NFTs over the past two years, a new and very present need for curation and organization has emerged. A need to build a verifiable consensus, which both records and adapts as the NFT ecosystem grows and matures.

JPG was born out of this collective need, from which we conceptualized the JPG Canons, a system similar to TCRs, coupled with a reputation system that allows the community to self-moderate bound by soft rules.

A token-curated registry is a type of decentralized recommendation system. Via token voting, communities create decentrally-curated and trusted lists of things. JPG Canons is a TCR system for the curation of NFT lists which are owned and maintained by communities. An open governance scheme with a JPG-native reputation system will regulate the functionality of the protocol and ensure the community members are good actors.

Since Canons are stored on-chain in Arweave, they become indexed “culture legos” that the rest of the NFT ecosystem will be able to use as public goods, such as a CC0 Canon recording all the CC0 projects or a Nouns Derivative Canon, showcasing all of the projects Nouns has inspired.

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