JPG is a registry-based protocol that allows users to create on-chain curated exhibitions via sub-registries. These sub-registries live on the Ethereum blockchain and can be displayed via JPG's hosted experience, a user's own website, or any place that chooses to connect to the JPG protocol.

We believe building open and permissionless protocols is critical for a longstanding and equitable NFT ecosystem, and that NFTs are cultural objects that should be treated as such.
The 'buy' and 'sell' buttons, which constitute most on-chain NFT interactions today, are short and infrequent moments in the lives of NFT collectors who spend hours and days gaining expertise in the ecosystem. With JPG, you can now use that labor in a new and exciting way.
Note: The JPG Protocol has not been audited, and you should exercise caution when interacting with the protocol, particularly any marketplace functionality.

A New Primitive

A community generated registry of NFTs is an important new primitive for the NFT ecosystem. Individuals, DAOs, and smart contracts can interact with the protocol, allowing for new and collaborative forms of curation, as well as novel use cases in other protocols and applications.

Curatorial Provenance

We view curation as a form of second-order creation which produces a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The creation of meaningful context can't happen in a vacuum – it must be shared and discussed. Curation is a starting point for further conversation, not the end or the answer. Over time, these contextual structures will grow to provide valuable cultural insights into the importance of specific NFTs and collections.

Networks of Culture

By curating on JPG, you contribute to a network of relationships between NFTs and curators. These networks provide the basis for both interest and social graphs which can unlock new capabilities in the future.
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