Beta Phase

Currently, only addresses included in the "allow list" will be able to curate on JPG. This is to ensure a smooth beta-testing phase in which we can address any issues or questions in a timely and constrained manner. To be added to the allow list, simply make a request in the Discord.

Creating a Subregistry

A curator can create a sub-registry with the createSubregistry function.
This function allows you to create an on-chain sub-registry description, and upload NFT tokendata with corresponding curator notes.

Editing a Subregistry

After a sub-registry has been created, it's possible to edit the sub-registry with the updateSubregistry function. This allows the user to update the name of the sub-registry, the description, and insert or remove tokens.

Removing a Subregistry

Within the contract, there is a bool value for removed . This does not actually take the sub-registry off the blockchain, but provides an easy way for interfaces to understand whether a user wants the sub-registry on display or not.
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Beta Phase